Self Appreciation

What do you do when you appreciate someone for what they have done?

Most likely, you would say, “Thank you”, or you would be nice, kind and courteous towards the other person. But how many times do we say “thank you” to ourselves? We are always grateful for many things in life but we never appreciate it. Why is it so? May be because we are so much stressed about life.


Self-appreciation is the process of appreciating yourself. Appreciating yourself is about being grateful for yourself . You can be always:

  • Thankful that your body is functioning properly.
  • Grateful that you are given your natural talents and gifts.
  • Appreciative towards your imperfections.
  • Appreciative about what you have achieved in your life so far.
  • Appreciate how blessed you are.

How to Appreciate Yourself?

  1. Don’t wait for others to appreciate you; you don’t wait till you achieve something great before you appreciate yourself. Do it now or it will never come. Make sure to stay away from negative people.
  2. Keep a gratitude journal; Using a gratitude journal have many benefits. Having a fixed schedule to write your gratitude journal would also remind you to appreciate yourself.( I am also currently trying to make this a daily routine of mine)
  3. Remember be different, be yourself ; The best way to appreciate yourself is to just be yourself. Don’t let anyone change you or don’t change yourself for anyone.


Do let me know in the comments what do you guys do to appreciate yourself?

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Stay happy!

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Why does one sided love hurts?

Sometimes loving someone is one of the most vulnerable positions in which you can be. You open your heart to another person and your best wish is for him or her to love you in return. Unfortunately, life is not a Nicholas Sparks movie; love isn’t always reciprocated, and it doesn’t always end in a happily ever after.

Love is never painful, it’s our expectations which hurt us. So if you love him/her without expecting anything in return, you can easily live your life. It’s not always about being in a relationship with someone, one can also feel the same in a friendship. It’s about how happy a person feels when they stay with you, the way you laugh with each other, they way you care for each other. That’s what matters the most.


A Tip-

When this happens with you will consider that one side love has only pain, pain, and more pain to offer. It hurts right in the heart to see the person walk by and not care a damn about you. Maybe they feel they are great and don’t deserve you. But remember you are wonderful and Gods beautiful creation. So please keep away from the people who seem to make you feel worthless. It is best for you to avoid them for your own good. Avoid visiting places where you might meet them. Remember when one door closes, another opens, so stop looking at the closed door and walk in the one that has opened for you.

Do let me know your views in the comment section.

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Red heart tree

Love Is Everything

We met few years back and it all started through friendship, that constant chatting, cracking silly jokes eventually made us fall in love with each other. This was the l time I knew that I have started to feel for him and so did he but was I ready for it? I guess I was, the way he made me laugh, the way he impressed me, everything he did for me was so priceless. And the days passed away, our love got stronger and stronger.  Although we were quite opposite from each other, he was spiritually intense, seeking freedom and opportunities to enjoy life. On the other hand, I was just a girl who wanted to stay happy in life and achieve goals of life. But as you know opposites attract each other. I love the way cared for me, made me smile when life stressed me.That’s what love is.

Love is something which can never be defined. Love is something when you know he is hurt, love is caring, love is when you are laughing all day and not considered crazy and above all, love is wanting to grow old together.

Love isn’t a metaphor of sex and silence or fear but considering how beautiful it can be.

The story is created by me.

P.s – Let me know in the comments what love is for you guys? Share your views!

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