How to move on from a relationship?#Views101

Moving on, one of the uneasiest thing to do.
It is a word which is too easy to be read out but most difficult to be implemented.
After investing so much of time and love how all of a sudden could you forget everything which has
occupied every corner of your mind and you wanted to preserve it for the rest of your life.
But like every impossible looking thing can be made possible, this too can be done.
Now the question is how,
here are some points which might help you.

1. Don’t ever sit alone and think about your relationship and your partner with an empty mind.
Keeping yourself busy is the best way to fight this evil off.

2. Disconnect yourself from the person entirely and don’t leave any room for the feelings to revive.

3. Eradicate and erase every single thing which makes you think about that person.

4. Involve yourself more in groups than being alone and give yourself chance to think about your relationship and partner.

5. Don’t just start hating that person soon after as it will make you think more about him/her,
maybe be out of hatred but the fact cannot be ignored as one little spark is enough to light the fire.

6. Make your heart understand that the relationsip has broken because you were not right for each other(Even if you think you were)
hence, weren’t able to fit into it.

7. Try to enjoy your life harder.Look for a person who understands you and spend time with him/her. That person could make you
forget all your pains and grievances. One right person can change your life forever and will act as your
best weapon which would help you in moving on.

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Moving on is not easy if you still have feelings for them, but it is possible to move on if you use your brain keeping your heart aside. The biggest mistake people make is that they isolate themselves from the world, but by doing this they are making the situation worse, as your mind will be occupied by the memories and thoughts of that person and we don’t have control over it.Then the process of overthinking (main culprit) starts.
We need to control the weeds of negative thoughts. Keep yourself busy with the PRODUCTIVE stuff. Productivity will lead to satisfaction and satisfaction leads to happiness and slowly you will start to move on. If you are a student focus on your studies.. if you are an employee focus on your work and make sure you do something productive. If you keep yourself busy with things without being productive you may distract your mind for a few minutes or even hours, but you will not feel satisfied
and happiness will not come to you.
Few important points:
1.Do not detach yourself from the world.
2. Read some self help books. 3.
Be productive.
4. Do not allow the weeds of negative thoughts to grow.
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Expectation Hurts

I expected to achieve this but I failed. So this is what my life expected from me? And that’s the problem, we expect a lot from ourselves, from others and unfortunately everything. The key to survive is to never expect anything from anyone, because expectations always hurts.

We all have expectations and we pretty much have them all the time. We expect the road to be there when we drive over the hill. We expect the police, the fire department to be on time. And when these expectations are not met, part of our world seems to fall apart.

So the best way is to not expect and give your best in everything and trust the process.

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Do you believe in ghosts?

I personally do believe in ghost, not because of the stories i have heard or felt anything but if god exist so does the evil.

But why do most of us deny it? People do worship god than why not evil? There is so much to think about!

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Where would you stand in coming 10 years?

Most of us are just living our life but not initiating in it to make it worth living.We know the cons and pros of each and everything but we still do it! Why?
The list starts from drinking to smoking,we are well aware of how bad can our life get if we do this daily but still most of our generation prefer to do so, now what can the
reason be? Heart breaks? Financial issues, studies etc Why do most of us choose the wrong path when we are completely aware of the positive things around us? The rich kids
are like “dekh legye jo hoga, paisa toh hai he naa,life m toh srf mze hone chaiyeh”and this thing will never change no matter how direct or indirect the question is been asked.
Instead of bombarding yourself in negative things,try reaching for the positive ones. Appreciate your self more ,love your self more, care for the people you love, get to know about your mistakes and learn from them.


Instead of bombarding yourself in negative things,try reaching for the positive ones. Appreciate your self more,love your self more,care for the people you love,get to know about your mistakes and learn from them. Fix your goal, start working on it, stay confident and build your own empire.
Make your self the proudest of all.

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The Power of Makeup! Women’s Day Special

Makeup plays an essential part in a women’s life not because it hides their imperfections but allows them to walk with confidence. Yes Confidence! You read it right! Most people consider makeup as a taboo as it completely changes the look of a person and hides the natural beauty but no it just enhances the appearance of a person. Makeup is a form of art which transforms a person into something that we all generally don’t expect but Makeup is a way from which a lady can express her feelings and never regret about.

k (1)

I am sure that every lady desires to look glamorous and bold but that doesn’t change who she is from inside. Every girl is beautiful from inside outside, the way she carries herself, the way she flaunts herself either with makeup or without makeup.


So, don’t judge a girl who puts a lot of makeup because sometimes that red lipstick can even slay your world.

Shout out to all the girls there who plays with Makeup Boldly! Happy Women’s Day to all of the beautiful and strong women out there!

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