Mother’s day

As we all know that mother’s day is celebrated all over the world in the second week of May. So why is mother’s day celebrated? It’s just like every other special day which is celebrated in the world such as father’s day, siblings day etc. On this day one needs to make her mother feel special but do we really need to do so? When one can make her feel special every day. It doesn’t takes a lot of time or money all it requires is an appreciation of what she does for us throughout our survival. A mother always plays an essential role in one’s life no matter how hard the situation gets. Take a little time out of your hectic schedule and appreciate her presence in your life. Feel free to share anything with her. Happiness is your mother’s smile so never let it fade away. God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.
This will also make you proud to have her in your life!

Happy Mother’s day to each and every mother out there !


Mother’s love is peace.

It need not be acquired.

It need not be deserved!

Copyright © by Aanchal . All rights reserved.

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