My Green world – Nature

Here is a short story that I would like to share with you all.

So I have always loved greenery since my childhood not that green is my favourite colour or it provides us everything to survive but because of its ever green beauty. Beauty can be personified in many things not only in humans but in nature too. People tend to fall in love with human but I fell in love with nature always. Ever since my existence I have always had balconies or gardens in my house. I used to think that plants just grow within a day as I was a kid. The actual science class started in third class may be where I came to know about many procedures such as photosynthesis and stuff let’s not go in science now. Obviously plants don’t grow like that but the beauty they have is exceptional which cannot be compared in terms of looks, style etc. My father always allowed me to go in depth of every plant that we used to sow in our garden, I used to water them and take care of them every single day. The fragrance of that wet mud used to blow my mind and still does. The best thing about nature is that it makes you feel alive even when you are lost. Each and every plant has its own beauty which can never pass into nothingness. They are like good memories which we weave every morning to bind us to the earth.


If you ever feel lost, just go outside take a walk, explore things and let the pain be washed away.

Thank you!

Copyright © by  Aanchal . All rights reserved.

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