My First Liebster Award

Thank you so much for nominating me. It’s been around two months since I have start blogging and people here are so sweet and genuine.



Shonessa asked me the following questions –

1.What is your best childhood memory?

My best childhood memory was when I went to Essel World (Mumbai, a fun amusement park) That was my first ever amusement park which gave me the best feeling also I got to saw Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor where they were shooting for their film.

2.What do you feel most proud of?

I feel most proud of my parents as they have helped me to turn in a such a nice person.

3.What is your favourite music?

My favourite music is instrumental.

4.What is your dream place and why?

My first dream place is Switzerland. It’s one of the most beautiful place I have ever seen (obviously on television: P) The beauty and scenes attracts me the most. And the last dream place is Australia. That country is to die for ❤
5.What teacher in school made the most impact on you and why?

While I was in third standard my class teacher Ms. Ritu was one of the most amazing teacher I remember till now. She helped me in all sort of difficulties I faced and was a beautiful person inside out.

6.How do you spend your free time?

I like to spend most of the time with my mother as I will be leaving for college in few months. Also I like to watch a lot of YouTube videos and reading novels.

7.What are your top three favourite books and why?

  • Life is what you make it by Preeti Shenoy
  • His Holiness (The Dalai Lama)
  • The game called life by Praveen Verma

These three books are the most amazing books I have read so far. These books have taught me what actually life is and how can one survive it.

8.What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is to lose people I love.

9.What is your strongest personal quality?

My kindness

10.If you could witness any event of past, present or future, what would it be?

I would try to correct any sort of mistakes I have done in my past related to any matter.

11.What does a perfect day look like to you?

For me nothing is perfect but just to make the day wonderful I like to spend a quality time with my loved ones that’s what makes me strong.

11 facts about myself:

  1. My zodiac sign is Aries
  2. I am a soft hearted person
  3. Don’t know how to cook 😛
  4. I like to appreciate everyone
  5. Forever fan of Dean Winchester(Supernatural tv series)
  6. Food is my second love
  7. Nature is my third love 😛
  8. Love to help others
  9. Love to make others laugh
  10. Science Lover
  11. Always inspired by Dalai Lama.

I would further nominate the following bloggers: –

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Here are my questions for you guys-

  1. You can have a half-hour conversation with anyone no longer living. Who do you choose? Why?
  2. You can have a half-hour conversation with any fictional character. Who do you choose? Why?
  3. What is happiness for you?
  4. Are you happy with your life?
  5. What is your aim?
  6. Who is your idol?
  7. What is your passion?
  8. What is your biggest fear?
  9. How many books can you read in a month?
  10. Which is your biggest fear?
  11. Do you believe in ghost? 😉


Thank you Shonessa for this opportunity .

Copyright © by  Aanchal . All rights reserved.














28 thoughts on “My First Liebster Award”

  1. Congrats aanchal. U r simple and humble. Oh yeah preeti shenoy books are good.of course I liked life is what u make it novel too.. M sure u would write more wonderful posts ..good luck cheers.

    Liked by 2 people

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