Being skinny or fat?

Did you saw him? He looks so fat, who would even like him?  She is way too skinny no one would marry her! So all of us have heard such nuisance comments from our society. Passing such comments is a tradition made by us which indirectly harms us but no one cares at all. There is a huge difference in being obese and fat which most people don’t understand. One can also become fit with the fat or being fit and skinny. It’s our choice to become what and what not and there is no shame or harm in it. People choose to be what they really want. It’s their body not yours and its none of your business to comment and tell this might not fit you. Being a plus size woman/man is not a bad thing. One needs to feel proud of themselves. So it doesn’t matter if you are skinny or fat just be healthy and feel proud.

5 Steps to become healthy –

1. Don’t just focus on your appearance, try to appreciate and love yourself more.

2. Focus on eating healthy more as it will increase your metabolism.

3.  Sometimes it is advised to not completely give up junk food so try making a meal plan into five different parts. Do eat what you like but in a less quantity.

4. Move around more – Never sit idly as advised by the experts one needs to walk for at least 30 minutes daily so that your body parts doesn’t gets jammed.

5. Make sure to motivate and encourage yourself daily.


Let me know in the comments what you do to stay healthy!

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40 thoughts on “Being skinny or fat?”

  1. Nice post, Anchal! You now, I have got the habit of walking from my father. I walk more that 4-5 kilometers everyday, and it is not a planned activity. I just prefer walking over using vehicles while going anywhere; and I have observed how truly such simple habits help maitain fitness!

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  2. These are great points! Society has made us believe that we are accepted until we reach a certain extremity, whether its way too skinny or plus size. However, there are people have different metabolisms and no one should be objectified by their size.
    Keep writing about this 🙂

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