Liebster Award #3

So here comes my third liebster award and I feel so amazing ! All thanks to my junior  shonessa. Thank you so much. Your blogs are always very simple and elegant.


Shonessa asked me the following questions –

1. Why did you start blogging?

I always wanted to share my experiences and stories about life with everyone but never thought of blogging so my childhood bestie introduced me to this platform.

2. What is the word that best describes you?

Most people consider me as very loving and caring.

3. What all other hobbies do you have?

I like to sing , dance ,read motivational novels a lot and love to do yoga.

4. Cat or dog?

I am not fond of cats. Dogs are love.

5. Do you love kids/babies/children. Why/why not?

I love children not because they are cute and stuff but their smile brings out the joy in everyone.

6. What annoys you the most?

Showing off

7. Summer or winter?

Though I am born in summer but I love winters more.

8. Would you rather hang out with your friends or sit at home playing your favourite video games, on a pleasant day?

I am more of a (staying alone) person but there are days when I like to chill out with friends.

9. Who is your idol? Why?

As mentioned before Dalai Lama is my idol. There is no particular reason to be his follower, his nobility has always inspired me.

10. Any quote that inspired you?

There are many wonderful quotes out there which has inspired me a lot. One of them is –

wp_ss_20160701_0002 (2)

11. What is your dream job?

My dream job is to establish my own NGO for kids who can’t afford money for their education so I would be able to teach them freely.

11 more facts about myself:

1. I am a Punjabi to the core.

2. I love to eat.

3. I like to dress up and shine.

4. Big fan of Harry potter.

5. I love exploring new places.

6. I waste half of time watching You tube videos on weekends.

7. I don’t like ice cream.

8. I really love to motivate people.

9. I love to do yoga.

10. I love sleeping.

11. I don’t like to watch television.

Nominate the deserving ones.

As each one of you are deserving, i would like to nominate few of you amazing people

  • That Weird Brown Girl
  • Pretty Charms
  • lifewithhappy
  • IDLE MUSERKrupa Nanda
  • extinct0703
  • Style Summit Africa
  • rfdumais
    Here are my questions for you guys-
    1.What are you most proud of in life?
    2.Who is your favourite musician/band?
    3.What hobbies do you enjoy?
    4.Who is your biggest inspiration?
    5.What is a book that you would recommend to others?
    6.What is the one song that you love to sing at the top of your lungs when you hear it come on the radio?
    7.Are you right handed or left handed?
    8.What’s your favourite treat food?
    9.How do you keep active?
    10.If you could go on a tv show which would it be?
    11.What’s your favourite fruit or vegetable?


  • Till then be happy:)
    Copyright © by  Aanchal . All rights reserved





42 thoughts on “Liebster Award #3”

  1. Hey congratulations but… The Liebster award is only for new bloggers below 200 followers, and you seem to have more than that, so idk if you’re supposed to do it!
    I’m not very sure I just think so.

    PS- I loved your answers so much ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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