Rape Culture

What was she wearing? Why was she there? Why was she alone? Why was it so late? All of these questions are asked by the society to the victims but why no one questions that why did the rapist rape? That is called as RAPE CULTURE. According to our society drinking is a crime, smoking is a crime but wearing shorts isn’t a crime. Being a girl isn’t a crime. But RAPE is a crime.


How it all started?

Bollywood There was a phase in Bollywood from late 70s to the early-90s where people particularly in Bollywood started to glorifying rape. All these villains were originally glamorised just for being evil and hitting or torturing the mother or sister of the hero which transferred into cheap sense of raping any women which initially changed the mind sets of people. We all have seen Shakti Kapoor as a villain in most of the old movies where he has been initiated to treat a woman like that. Bollywood obviously has a lot of influence in our society which initially gives an idea to people Oh! That’s how one can humiliate a lady in indirect forms.


In the movies a woman has always been shown in a bad light, even if she says no it’s a yes to the man and in reality this has been happened a lot. Why our woman always been forced? What if she is really not interested in you? And if you say NO to that person in any matter they will consider themselves to have a right and do anything with you. As it always ends to ego which cannot be changed by anyone.

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Over Sexualisation

We ourselves have over sexualised the body of a woman. We are not considered as woman. The minute a woman walks on street, she gets conscious that is my chest fully covered? Can somebody see my back side? Are my legs visible? We ourselves are made to feel if anything happens in future it is our fault and it is so beautifully done with generations of guilt being pushed to you. The body of a female does not exist to be sexualised it exists a body. It’s not how we get dressed up, it’s how people look at us. They even look sexually to younger girls of 5-6 age. How can you justify their clothes and the violence that is affected on them?

Blame Game

The worst thing is how our society plays a role in our lives. A recent case was held in America where the woman was passed out on the floor and the man was drunk, he thought it was okay to rape her. After everything everyone kept on saying how amazing his life could be if he didn’t take alcohol (as he was considered to be a nice guy) rather than asking why he raped? Society kept on asking the questions to the victim that why was she passed out on the floor? So this is how weird our society is and can be. It’s not India where rape happens. This is something happening all around the world.

How can this be changed?

From a very early age all man should be taught how to behave with a girl and consider them to be a normal person rather than over sexualised. The root of the problem is education and differences between men and woman. It should be taught that men and women are equal.

Thank you.

Please share your views in the comment section.

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91 thoughts on “Rape Culture”

  1. We must educate people, starting at the school level, about respect for women, for personal spaces …. This might be helpful …
    Btw, Aanchal .. you have conveyed the thoughts about this serious issue in well manner 😊 keep writing 👍

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  2. Another reason for increase in ratio is our law,lack of punishment, sex education too..and in other country if a person who did this thing. Get dangerous punishment for this cheap thing.. and in india girls still survive..
    U gave a good examples 👍

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    1. Yeah i completely agree with you.Lack of punishment, people are so easily carried away with the punishment which initially does’t makes them realize that what they did was completely wrong. Thank you for sharing your views.

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  3. It has always bothered me, the way in which the persistent guy gets the girl in every movie. It makes it seem like any girl would fall for you if you stalk her enough. Every generation grows up mistaking that as the acceptable form of courtship :/

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  4. We always keep on teaching and telling the girl how to behave, what to wear.. Why can’t we just teach everyone to respect their opposite gender??
    Usually sab ladko ko yeh toh sikhatay hai ki wo tumhari sister hai wo tumhari mom hai..unki respect karo laikin unhay yeh sikhana bhul jatay hai ki dusri girls bhi kise ki sister ya daughter hai.. .
    If we want to change the mindsets of people towards girls then we have to start it from the ground level..

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  5. I feel y do girls hav to surrender to these restriction ! U hav the freedom to wear shorts , party late night ….. The victims too shud be given the right to directly KILL the rapist , to defend herself ! The world is growing feminist now , so take action ! Those f.cking perverts are the ones who shud b educated , that a girl is not his bloody toy !

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  6. A very nice and important post…from old times we have treated women very badly, they were not allowed to go outside, they were meant for only household works. They were married at the age of 14 and education was never a option for them. So you said right, Bollywood cashed on the opportunities to earn more profits, the movies showed the reality but not what should be there. Now what has to be done is the main issue. You said about educating, but recently I heard a case in which a woman school principal killed their grand daughter only because she was a girl. And also many educated and financially stable families are nowadays most active in taking dowry. So just the normal education is not enough. We will have to make the people realize about it..and for rape we should start giving direct punishment. The cases go on very long and many of them are freed just because of money. Today I read in a paper that a girl was raped and her case was going on and then she was raped again by the same people because she was not withdrawing the case. And I was shocked. How can we allow this things to happen. It is really sad. And anybody can wear whatever he or she wants. Those who blame girls should be told very clearly that they are absolutely wrong. Every religion and every sect should try and share the message.
    Thank you for this post…

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  8. That’s a phenomenal post I would say! You just spilled out boldly all the hidden emotions of many Girls. I completely concur with the point that it is mainly the impact of movies. Everyone is a hero in his or her life(nobody denies that). But begging behind a girl is so cheap which no hero would consider doing! That’s really a bad trademark left by the movies of all day. when we have a close shot at all those nerve wrecking incidents, we can derive that it’s not only by the influence of movies, there’s something more powerful that makes it a casual doing.
    That’s the knack of getting bailed for futile reasons. I respect the law, but I don’t find equality which we the Indians emphasis more on there. What about the victim.just to get depressed on it for her entire lifetime or to strive from all the killing words of the big old aunties ????
    Leave all those bloodies. Let the women of all kind be bold and powerful. It is not the battle between physical and mental strength, it is about EQUALITY ON ACTIONS, NOT BY WORDS.
    Goof work👍, your posts make us to think:)

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    1. Thank you so much ! And yes these movies really do give our society a powerful impact which influences a lot of people. In terms of punishment, this is true our law doesn’t act like a proper law, like a system needs to and this can be only changed through equality. Thank you for sharing your views 🙂

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      1. There is a saying ” change is the only change”. But I’m craving for that day in INDIA! Does India remain stable then, without seeing a single change that we youngsters hoped and hoping for?!😐

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  9. Culture: the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society, a way of life, lifestyle, traditions, heritage, habits, ways, mores, values etc. Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts. The Center for Advance Research on Language Acquisition goes a step further, defining culture as shared patterns of behaviors and interactions, cognitive constructs and understanding that are learned by socialization. Thus, it can be seen as the growth of a group identity fostered by social patterns unique to the group.

    A rape culture would be defined as the a habit or heritage of raping which is specific to certain
    civilization or a lifestyle practiced by a certain society. Does it really make any sense?

    Just because its a sensitive topic I would not be politically correct and flow with the rest of the opinions on this blog written in conformity with your line of reasoning. I shall elaborate upon my contention of doing so. However, before you arrive at any conclusions, i would like to impress upon you that i do not intend to play a devil’s advocate just for the heck of it but to explore the possibilities underlying this menace.

    You write –
    “What was she wearing? Why was she there? Why was she alone? Why was it so late? All of these questions are asked by the society to the victims but why no one questions that why did the rapist rape? That is called as RAPE CULTURE. According to our society drinking is a crime, smoking is a crime but wearing shorts isn’t a crime. Being a girl isn’t a crime. But RAPE is a crime.”

    Wearing short dresses is not a crime. I agree. You have the freedom to wear long dresses or short and nobody should say anything to you. However, look from the perspective of the man on the streets. Your skimpy dress will titillate his desires. How is he supposed to control his rush of hormones? He is not a saint on the street. A rapist in most cases is not a pathological man its just that he looses sense of right and wrong in the flood of hormones. Is it alright to dehumanize the rapist? It could be anyone in a certain situation. I live in the west, where in the summers girls wear real short dresses. I do not see them as objects of sexual fulfillment but i know people who do. It is repression that seeks an outlet. Who were the people that built the temples of khajuraro and konark? Where do you find instance in history where they say that Indians were having rapefests as a part of their culture? While the rest of the world was highly evolved and puritanical? as some would like to protray #India’s daughter. I think it is best to start make changes at home. Teach the boys and girls the normalcy of a healthy relationship. No more taboos about teaching them about sex. Eventually, the will go on the Internet and learn all the filth of pornography. Being a girl is not crime…No! Physical rape is a crime and we should also include a mental rape which women indulge in with quite a dexterity. I am not joking. i agree that the law should be strict and unbiased in its approach…but then a lot of old colonial laws still exist…shouldn’t we revise everything?

    Then –

    HOW IT ALL STARTED? Bollywood – There was a phase in Bollywood from late 70s to the early-90s where people particularly in Bollywood started to glorifying rape…,

    It is not something bollywood came up with. It was a something practiced by the socially powerful against the weaker sections, which is prevalent to this day is feudalistic forms of society in Pakistan and especially Punjab. Bollywood just brought it out on big screen and in urban settings. Rape is not glorified but shown as a tool of wrong doing. Its not that people were innocent before bollywood started showing on-screen rapes in the 70’s and 90’s as you say. These things happen in all societies across the world. The laws are strict somewhere and somewhere casual sex while being intoxicated at a party saves the man.

    OVER SEXUALISATION We ourselves have over sexualised the body of a woman. We are not considered as woman. The minute a woman walks on street, she gets conscious that is my chest fully covered?…

    Yup, this is how a woman is presented in media… a set of boobs and an ass to look at. Isn’t it time that women stood up and shouted at the media for making dumb dolls out of them? Do you think shaking butts and jerking boobs on the TV or in the item songs make it healthier? If you say something then the media cries out about the repression of the rights to expression and freedom etc. The porn industry in the west is the champion in objectifying women. Why do you think is the huge following for porn?

    I think that the major changes that are needed are :

    1) Stop female infanticide
    2) stow this nonsense of dowry. (Working women do not need to bring in dowry…times have changed!)
    3) The women play a proactive role in molding the behaviour of their kids right at the tender age and also let them mix them so that they understand the feelings of each other right from childhood and misconceptions do not arise at a later stage.

    Finally, a good legal system is needed in this country to curb many malpractices and crimes. It is time we change things as we enter a new era of development and progress.

    Thank you!


  10. Hi, kaisi hain ap?
    You are talking about a very sensitive and a powerful issue.
    With the passage of time, it is increasing very rapidly in the society. Movies are playing a major role in this.
    Most of the rape case when reported, only ask about women’s reputation in society.
    In the male dominant society in which male has been sick mentaly, difficult of women survival.
    Like a case of Qandeel Balouch, so called ghairat..!

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  11. Rape, at any cost can not by justified, as done at some occasion by politicians in India and abroad for political ratifications. This is the time stricter actions should be imposed against the perpetrators. It would not suffice if we teach men from childhood about being respectable rather stricter norms like Law for Marital rape, strong criminal bill against such crimes must be floated and executed effectively. How wonderful it is, in next one decade India will be housing the most women in the in a single country and women here are still forced to emulate the culture of being the care takers of their husband. Its truly despicable. Need to impose rule of law and eqaulity. I have founded an NGO named ARPAN FOUNDATION, who is working in this direction only. Lets hope, this world would become a peaceful place one day amidst rising turbulences.

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      1. Thanks for beautiful wishes Aanchal, Undoubtedly world will, Lets strive together, lets further strengthen the rapport amonGST people. Discrimination based on gender and caste, lets crack down on them with joint endeavor.

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  12. The entire timeline that you’ve presented here is exactly the way it should be told to all the youngsters. Education necessarily works, but it should be presented to the people as they want it.

    Your efforts in this direction are really appreciable! Keep up the good work!

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  13. I think it’s all about how we grow up.do we really learn what we need really to learn in our school lives,perhaps the most important phase of our life??!! The question remains unanswered.it’s really necessary to infest values in people since childhood…learn from our past and culture.we can’t change a people’s mind overnight.awesome post 😃😄

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  14. It all comes down to how we are raised.it’s important to infest values in our children from a young age and not let a materialistic midset creep in.if school life really satisfies the needs of education.. the question remains unanswered.mental intelligence….isn’t all that’s needed to build a healthy society.we have to take care of improvement of our emotional intelligence too…obviously not what our schools are fulfilling these days.we need to recall our values and culture.we can’t change minds of people overnight.whatever we need to do is to be done at root level.we need to raise our children accordingly. It’s an awesome post.nice going

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  15. One post I’ve come across in a very long time which has educated me on rape.. I love bollywood movies, your completely right movies in general do have an impact on our minds.. even though in the past the topic on rape has been fought for.. as I belive in India even in the UK you have groups of feminists who fight and stand up for other women.. but I personally think we should take this a step forward and teach our future generation (maybe at schools) of this matter. Not only rape but also abusive relationships whether it’s a teenage love story or even a marriage. Even though now men and women are equal to an extent, we still aren’t.. by society when we are children the girls are automatically without a thought bought up ‘weak’ we provide little girls with dolls, associate them with the colour pink, makeup to cover flaws too OFTEN. And boys with action figures, superman, batman and etc. Imagine if the roles were reversed… hmm I always wonder to myself if the roles WERE reversed would guys wake up to belive they are weaker than girls? Would girls wake up to belive they can take down every guy on this universe and feel like they are the ones in power?

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    1. Yeah everything would be different if the roles could have reversed. A lot of shows are now focusing on this particular topic which will really help our society to understand the equality among us. Thank you for sharing your views.

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  16. I love this piece.. U really tackled this eyesore that has befallen human existence (rape). Indeed skirts do not rape, men rape. Beautiful one.

    I examined the law of india in a piece I titled RAPE CULTURE: SMALL TALK, SORE THOUGHTS. truth is these rapists deserve no mercy whatsoever, I wish the minimum penalty was not 7 years but a forever doom in gaol. Enough is enough.

    See my piece on same discourse via my blog

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  17. This is so true, especially in India. It’s one of the issues that bother me a lot in modern society, and it needs to change. A very nice read 🙂 By the way, I highly recommend you watch this Bollywood movie called Pink and another one called Lajja. If you are a fan of Amitabh Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit you will love them 🙂

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  18. Very nice .
    We should educate people to respect women and girls.
    You are saying right but who will teach this??
    Today all mens except some are willing to do that so how this be changed,
    There should be a punishment which is given to rapist then they will not do again.
    Why they hurt innocent girls @4,5 age
    This is so cheap and bad in our society.
    Raise your voice against this

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  19. I am from jamaica in the Caribbean and this is happening here for years… and we have been silenced too long. I remember when rape “happened” to me I was asked those same questions…and I still think that society still can do something about all this..we have a voice and we should mobilize to use it…


  20. Well said aanchal.
    What the public of india does for any rape is only candle march and a little bit of protest for this. But, it will not change this. A lot of cases are already there, few of them get highlighted like nirbhaya one and few don’t. Cases, FIR this is not new. But acc. To me as time passes all will forget about each case. And we never get a permanent solution to this. All present situation is just bcz of the govt Of country . bcz the punishment what they are giving is not enough to stop this crime. They also need to take some strict action against rapist so that they will not try to perform any kind of act like this in future. Until the govt. Don’t took a step for this, Nothing will change. And also what we can do at our level is to teach mens to have a good vision, And not to treat womens as a toy just for their enjoyment and pleasure.

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