Should leisure time be educational or entertaining?

According to me children’s leisure time activities should be educational as well as aimed at entertaining their psyche and physique.

Parents believe that if children work under pressure right from the day one, they will be able to cope later on with life better. But parents who impose their narrow views upon their children are spoiling their children’s future. Creativity will sprout only when it is unrestricted and the child is encouraged to pursue his or her field of aptitude. Instead of insisting time to be an extension of study time, parents must develop other traits in children such as creativity, curiosity, rational thinking etc.


Leisure activities must be made more creative. Children must read to assimilate knowledge about the world outside. Participating in sport is a sure way for learning lessons in winning and losing gracefully. They will develop a ‘never say die’ spirit. Interacting with other children will help them develop adaptability and effective communication skills.

To conclude, children must be entertained and educated at the same time.

Do let me know your views in the comment section.

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30 thoughts on “Should leisure time be educational or entertaining?”

  1. So true…all great geniuses are those who thought education as playing, but nowadays education has become facts oriented and boring that the curiosity has almost eloped…great post..i am glad that I never found my studies boring. Enjoy the education…nicely written..

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  2. Good post Aanchal. Leisure time should never be structured. Young children learn a lot by free play. An all round exposure to different activities broadens their horizon. Board games, sports, developing a hobby, travel are some ways where leisure activity can be educational as well.

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  3. I think leisure time should not be restricted to particular thing .. Children should enjoy that in way they want … let them explore … they will eventually find their own interest and hobbies !!

    Good post Aanchal 👌

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  4. Learning by playing, hands down. Putting pressure on kids is horrid, as if they’re not going through enough these days as it is. Plus you’re right about creativity…if you’re stressed out, it’s not going to come flowing out as good as it would when you’re relaxed. Apart from those few people who work better while being under pressure ;). But I don’t think that’s very healthy either.

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  5. Definitely!! A great initiative I must say. The leisure activities(if selected judiciously) can teach a lot. Imagination driven activities should be fostered in the children right from the childhood. Mugging up things may be essential at times but learning out of Interest definitely seats it better.

    Interesting topic!! Can I reblog it?☺👍

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  6. Leisure time for children should definitely be free time. It encourages creativity, imagination, all the really necessary things in life. Just ask Albert Einstein!! 🙂
    Excellent post and quite thought provoking Aanchal!

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