I am Ugly

Young lady – Look at my face, it’s so small. My lips are way too thin and I am so pale. My hair doesn’t suit me and I hate myself.

Her Childhood version – What else is left? I am you when you were little, you said my face is small, my lips were too thin and I look so pale. What else is wrong with me?

Young lady – There’s nothing wrong with you!

Her Childhood version – No, go ahead and tell me each and everything you hate about me!

Young lady – No I am not going to do that!

Her Childhood version – That’s exactly what you are doing to yourself right now! Tell me that my stretch marks are ugly! What do you think about my scar at the right eye! My ugly feet?

Young lady – No, they are beautiful. You are beautiful.

Her Childhood version – Then why can’t you say it to yourself?


Then why would you say it to yourself now? If you wouldn’t say it to yourself when you were little!

30 thoughts on “I am Ugly”

  1. aw hurt my heart aliddle because I know her so well…took me long into adulthood to be able to see myself and funny what brought me to start to think yes I am beautiful were the pictures of me when I was small…its awful the negative comments that can stick to a child for so long after they are said. I was gald to just read this its a nice reminder of how far I have come! 🙂 Thank you for that! ❤ there is not a word that can be spoken that could shake me now but I still feel for that liddle girl

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