My own Motivational Video!?

So it’s been a  few weeks since I have posted something as I was busy with my exams and then comes all the lovely festivals we have that initially makes us busy.

Coming to the main topic, I noticed that I was not able to keep up with the schedule I made for my blog as it gets really hard to manage college stuff and blog so I decided to come up with this idea of sharing my own videos which will simply help everyone to get inspire.

So here are few of my own suggestions that I would like to cover through my videos –

1.How to stay positive in negative situations?

2.How to gain self confidence?

So please let me know from the among topics which would you all prefer, also leave your suggestions/ ideas in the comment section.

I hope you all will support me.

Thank you.

Photography Courtesy – theodore.von.karman


26 thoughts on “My own Motivational Video!?”

  1. Aanchal that is a brilliant idea to upload Motivational videos of yours
    You can consider “learning from mistakes” as one of the topics for your videos
    Looking forward to your updates

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  2. I would say that both topics tend to tie into each other. If you stay positive in negative situations, that shows other people that you’re a self-confident person, that you don’t just give in and fall into a negative pattern when bad things happen. At the same time, in order to gain self-confidence, it’s important to develop positive behaviors that aren’t swayed by your own negative thoughts of yourself. Essentially, you have to learn to stay positive in order to bring about a feeling of self-confidence.

    So I think you’ll be fine doing both topics since they’re closely related.

    Anyway, the best of luck to you! 🙂

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