Self Appreciation

What do you do when you appreciate someone for what they have done?

Most likely, you would say, “Thank you”, or you would be nice, kind and courteous towards the other person. But how many times do we say “thank you” to ourselves? We are always grateful for many things in life but we never appreciate it. Why is it so? May be because we are so much stressed about life.


Self-appreciation is the process of appreciating yourself. Appreciating yourself is about being grateful for yourself . You can be always:

  • Thankful that your body is functioning properly.
  • Grateful that you are given your natural talents and gifts.
  • Appreciative towards your imperfections.
  • Appreciative about what you have achieved in your life so far.
  • Appreciate how blessed you are.

How to Appreciate Yourself?

  1. Don’t wait for others to appreciate you; you don’t wait till you achieve something great before you appreciate yourself. Do it now or it will never come. Make sure to stay away from negative people.
  2. Keep a gratitude journal; Using a gratitude journal have many benefits. Having a fixed schedule to write your gratitude journal would also remind you to appreciate yourself.( I am also currently trying to make this a daily routine of mine)
  3. Remember be different, be yourself ; The best way to appreciate yourself is to just be yourself. Don’t let anyone change you or don’t change yourself for anyone.


Do let me know in the comments what do you guys do to appreciate yourself?

Thank you for reading!

Stay happy!

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47 thoughts on “Self Appreciation”

  1. i maintain one gratitude journal too.. its with since 3 yrs now .. and i feel good seeing the list of wonderful things i have tracked in it.. i wish to see yours sample pages from your journal .. would you.. ??

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    1. Wow that’s great that you have been maintaining a journal for so long. I used to write when i was a kid (5th class onwards) and wrote for straight five years and then a lost a track of everything while growing up. And i decided to do this again! Yeah would love to share a bit with you!☺

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  2. This is a great article, Anchal. Loved reading it the way you put things in a well presentable manner.
    And yes, Self appreciation is an inportant thing. Unless we appreciate ourselves for things, we can’t get encouraged and do more and better. 🙂

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