Do you believe in ghosts?

I personally do believe in ghost, not because of the stories i have heard or felt anything but if god exist so does the evil.

But why do most of us deny it? People do worship god than why not evil? There is so much to think about!

Leave in your views about this topic or anything you guys have seen or felt!

Thank you for Reading!

Stay happy!

57 thoughts on “Do you believe in ghosts?”

  1. I believe in spirits. There are good spirits and bad spirits. Bad spirits are the ones who bring about misfortunes in our lives while the good ones guide us to lead a better life.
    Ghost or not, there is something called pyschic attacks – spirits attacking us, usually happens during when we are asleep. I am saying this because I experienced it once. Everytime I closed my eyes, I used to see two scaring looking faces right in front of me. I initially thought I was watching a lot of horror movies and hence this. But it was the same everyday, sometimes even in the middle of the night. That was really scary! Now it’s all gone. But that experience had really drained off my energy, I used to feel lethargic the whole time!

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    1. I never knew about this psychic attacks you just mentioned. This is something I have heard for the first time and if this thing is true then it’s a bit scary to think about.
      Thank you.

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      1. My aunt told me about these spirits. She does theta healing, it’s similar to reiki. So removed those spirits. There were three. I did not believe initially when she said there are spirits attached to me. But once she removed them, I felt so light and happy. It was like a huge weight was off my shoulder. I was no more lethargic and those attacks stopped too 🙂

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      2. Woa this must be tough for you. But you were so brave enough to deal with them.
        Stay strong and stay happy.
        Thank you for sharing your views.


    2. Well….. I believe that there is a positive energy around us that we have named as god and when we pray to god we merely concentrate so much on this energy that we actually attract this positivity towards us and so we believe in ourselves which leads to positive incidents in our life and a similar theory can be applied to ghosts that if we concentrate too much on this negative force….we attract the negativity towards us and end up having a lot of problems.

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  2. First of All, it’s a great topic. See, personally I believe in Nagative Energy, not in ghost. Two types of energies are there. 1) Positive and 2) Nagative. Generally We all had listened many stories in which something wierd things happened. I haven’t experienced such energies. But my one very closer person, Experience such activities. So, the answer of your question is just “Yes”.

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  3. If not ghost, then the people around , their spirits impact us . The good and bad aura, the negativity and positivity of a soul can act as the respective things !!

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  4. In my opinion, believing is way too different from worshipping. Many people don’t know what is the reason behind their faith. For people who have never encountered a ghost before but still believing in it is that sense of realisation where you are stuck with a random thought where legends mention such things, fiction shows us the supernatural stuff which is also very common.

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      1. Yes – Never had any problems – I think she likes music and there’s always lots of that with our Son learning Clarinet and me just starting back on the Piano.

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  5. I don’t believe in ghost. But I believe in energies, both positive and negative. As everything has counterpart to it, so does negative exist.
    Now that we don’t need to worship evil, because it is always goodness that attracts and what is required to make world peaceful. 😇

    Nice post.

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  6. On my view, we grew up hearing and learning,​ God as our saviour and evil as enemy.. We don’t actually deny evil. Deep inside we are scared of them. That’s why we pretending that there’s no evil. It’s just to make ourselves brave. We don’t go for a movie to watch villain win. So, everyone’s on hero’s side. We consider God as our hero and evil as villain. That’s because we worship God more than evil.

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  7. As with the current technology and paranormal society ‘Ghost’ is there, so scientific it has been proved. I personally think that there is a parallel world which exist. Still the debate still remains open whether to believe it or not?

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  8. I believe we know too little to say for sure whether there are forces beyond our understanding. However, there are certainly things which cannot be explained too easily. As Shakespeare famously wrote in Hamlet “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.

    Great topic.

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  9. Hi Anchal,
    Yes I do believe in spirits and recently we have encountered with it .It’s really haunting and dam true .I will share this real story with my readers in my upcoming post. Have a watch ,it’s a real one

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  10. I agree with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Bad and good spirits exist. I believe in winged messengers like angels. I think people do show their evil sides when they had something bad that changed them in their young life. If only people would take care of their families and neighbors, it would prevent the impetus for bad occurences.

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