How to move on from a relationship?#Views101

Moving on, one of the uneasiest thing to do.
It is a word which is too easy to be read out but most difficult to be implemented.
After investing so much of time and love how all of a sudden could you forget everything which has
occupied every corner of your mind and you wanted to preserve it for the rest of your life.
But like every impossible looking thing can be made possible, this too can be done.
Now the question is how,
here are some points which might help you.

1. Don’t ever sit alone and think about your relationship and your partner with an empty mind.
Keeping yourself busy is the best way to fight this evil off.

2. Disconnect yourself from the person entirely and don’t leave any room for the feelings to revive.

3. Eradicate and erase every single thing which makes you think about that person.

4. Involve yourself more in groups than being alone and give yourself chance to think about your relationship and partner.

5. Don’t just start hating that person soon after as it will make you think more about him/her,
maybe be out of hatred but the fact cannot be ignored as one little spark is enough to light the fire.

6. Make your heart understand that the relationsip has broken because you were not right for each other(Even if you think you were)
hence, weren’t able to fit into it.

7. Try to enjoy your life harder.Look for a person who understands you and spend time with him/her. That person could make you
forget all your pains and grievances. One right person can change your life forever and will act as your
best weapon which would help you in moving on.

Siddharth Yadav ( Instagram – siddharthyadav_ )


Moving on is not easy if you still have feelings for them, but it is possible to move on if you use your brain keeping your heart aside. The biggest mistake people make is that they isolate themselves from the world, but by doing this they are making the situation worse, as your mind will be occupied by the memories and thoughts of that person and we don’t have control over it.Then the process of overthinking (main culprit) starts.
We need to control the weeds of negative thoughts. Keep yourself busy with the PRODUCTIVE stuff. Productivity will lead to satisfaction and satisfaction leads to happiness and slowly you will start to move on. If you are a student focus on your studies.. if you are an employee focus on your work and make sure you do something productive. If you keep yourself busy with things without being productive you may distract your mind for a few minutes or even hours, but you will not feel satisfied
and happiness will not come to you.
Few important points:
1.Do not detach yourself from the world.
2. Read some self help books. 3.
Be productive.
4. Do not allow the weeds of negative thoughts to grow.
Kaushelesh Singh ( Instagram – directly_from_heart )

#Views101 is a series that has been created by me where i will post about this topic two times in a week. Two of the views will be selected accordingly.
Feel free to leave in your views.
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22 thoughts on “How to move on from a relationship?#Views101”

  1. When my sister got divorced and in other cases of counselling I 100% advice the same. The more you occupied yourself into something, the better it is. Specially if you find another group of company like friends to hang out with.

    One more important thing, what I find it great, if you are depressed write whatever comes into your mind you want to it. As if the other person is in front of you. Once you are done, throw that paper. You will feel 100% result of satisfaction.

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    1. I completely agree with you. Sharing your thoughts with someone you can trust is the greatest thing. One should never let their thoughts kill them.
      True writing helps alot to overcome such difficulties in life. Just let your pen flow with the words.
      Thank you.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Look it’s basically all in your head, it’s completely up to your heart and brain that whether you should focus on something bad or good in life. I know it takes a lot of time and memories to fade away but its all up to you.


  2. My ex-girlfriend is still my best friend. People keep asking how this is possible and give me a feeling that something is seriously wrong. Looks like I am stuck between moving on and not moving on.

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