My Story #1 ( Speak up for yourself!)

Aggressive/Abusive Relationships-


So i was in a abusive relationship.
In a way that the guy was very aggressive with me. He used to beat me up at times or sometimes verbal abuse.
And the biggest problem was to leave him because every time i tried to leave him with some different reasons, he would threaten me to involve my family or he would commit suicide and to make me guilty.

I know the way i struggled with that phase of my life.
I know there are more girls or guys in such abusive relationship that they don’t talk about and getting out of it is a long, tiring and difficult process. But now i realize that my biggest mistake was keeping quiet and thinking that i don’t have people on my side
but that’s not true.
– Anonymous

My conclusion –

  • We have to speak up for our fight and learn to say no to people.
  • You are never alone in this fight, make sure to share your views with your close ones because that’s how they will help you.

If you guys are facing the same or may have faced earlier then free feel to share it with me as it will help many people to understand how difficult life gets in such situations and there are always some ways to tackle it.

Send in your views here –

And you will stay anonymous.

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19 thoughts on “My Story #1 ( Speak up for yourself!)”

  1. Sometimes it brings so much negativity that the person can literally do nothing. A little support from friends and family can help a lot.
    That’s all I can say, for the real pain and torture that the person goes through can never be judged from someone who does not go through it.

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  2. Not to speak for wrong is also not good!! You are making the person feel he is correct and tends to be motivated to do more harsh things. Fault of person not to speak in beginning because evil will not change until made him realise!!! Don’t ask for mercy but stand up and fight!!
    Painful post!! 😒


  3. Being in an abusive relationship is difficult and it’s even harder to get out of one. Besides the unhealthy nature of being with someone abusive and knowing it, there is a psychological aspect that is so hard to run away from. Abusive relationships are known for catching you in cycles of passion and that’s what keeps the relationship going. Your mental state gets involved and since the person is constantly tearing down your self-worth, you begin to think of yourself much lower and find it challenging to let go. It takes a lot to get away from the toxicity of such relationships and a lot of the times it can lead to serious consequences if the person doesn’t help themselves.
    I’m glad I came across this post since it’s quite a big issue that women are too afraid to talk about sometimes!

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  4. This post is absolutely spot on. I’ve recently just wrote about my experience after realising you can’t keep it all bottled up inside you and not tell anybody. Although it’s hard to leave because you think you still love them or they tell you that they will commit suicide, it’s not healthy to stay in a relationship that makes you feel so low

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