A Letter To My Love

Dear Love,

I never knew i would fall in love with you but i did. I will always love your flaws seamlessly, i will never let anyone replace you ever from my heart. You have this place which can never be ripped of my heart. You are my sin and you are my god.

I want you to be always mine.

Here’s something i would promise,

I promise to always wake up on time ( try)

I promise to always crack silly jokes to piss you off.

I promise to cook some healthy food ( impossible for me though)

I promise to eat less food ( something beyond impossible)

I promise to do less makeup ( will at least try)

I promise to not get much emotional. ( Softhearted i am)

I promise to love you every single day

I promise you truth. I promise you to be loyal.

And after these enough promises i would always want you to smile together through all of our darkest times. I don’t know how heavens would accept us to be but we will always be in our own paradise.

Much Love,



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